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Magic Marketing Goes To Seattle To Discover Union Benefits

06 Jul Magic Marketing Goes To Seattle To Discover Union Benefits

June was a busy month for Magic Marketing.

Of the many things that kept us busy in June, one of the highlights was a trip to Seattle, Washington to meet with the Local 699 Sprinkler Fitters Union.

We are working to help Local 699 recruit qualified sprinkler fitters in the Puget Sound area to the local union. We interviewed contractors, journeymen, apprentices, union organizers, and business managers to learn about what is it like to be a part of and work with the sprinkler fitters union.

In our less-than-48-hour trip to Seattle, we amassed an overwhelming amount of high quality, information-rich footage that we will use for a number of purposes across various channels throughout the Local 699 marketing campaign.

We learned a lot on our Seattle adventure (after all, we are digital marketers, not union sprinkler fitters!). And it’s a good thing we did because learning was the goal. The purpose of our trip was to kick off the discovery process, in other words to identify:

  • What their priorities are
  • What recruiting strategies they are currently using
  • What types of challenges they are currently facing
  • How our solutions can solve their problems

Our time in Seattle helped familiarize us with our client and allowed us determine which of our marketing solutions are best suited to tackle their existing challenges. This is a fundamental part of our job as effective marketers–getting to know our clients and understanding their unique needs in order to develop a custom marketing strategy that will achieve real results.

Too many digital marketing agencies try to apply a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy to all of their clients. Thankfully, we know better.

Plus, getting out there and working directly with our clients helps us establish a working relationship based on transparency and trust.

Oh, yeah. And it’s fun!

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