Magic Marketinginc | Pay Per Click Ads
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Pay Per Click Ads

SEO is great. Trust us, we love it. But it can get a bit lonely out there on the big ol’ world wide web. Please welcome PPC.


This strategy is known as “blended search” . Blended search is important because even the best organic search strategies can take a while to deliver results. Paid search, on the other hand, can produce real results in a matter of days. We like that. You will, too.


Central to building a great PPC campaign is having a thorough understanding of your business, your industry, and your competitors. That is why we perform a thorough audit of your existing data in order to create a customized strategy that will meet your unique goals. Our team of PPC experts will then build a series of landing pages focused on converting visitors into customers. We will then A/B test landing pages with various headlines, layouts and calls to action in order to come up with a PPC landing page that will drive the most conversions.


When you run a smart PPC campaign you will start to see a return on your investment pretty quickly. And in order to get a good look at exactly how awesome your PPC campaign really is, we will create custom goals in your Google Analytics and tie it to your AdWords account. This will allow you to watch the flow of traffic from impression all the way to conversion and help you determine your customer acquisition cost and your ROI.