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Cut the Rope for Windows 10 (Windows) – Download – Feed the Monster

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[Cut the rope game free download pc setup

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To start using this program, simply download any selected Apps Installer. Feeding Ssetup Nom and making him happy is читать далее name of the game. Om Nom has his own line of plush toys. And I hate to leave a bad review on this game.


Cut the rope game free download pc setup

Download Cut the Rope FULL FREE on PC with MEmu Android Emulator. Play like a pro and get full control of your game with keyboard and mouse. Download and play Cut the Rope on your PC and use both your head and the power of physics to feed your pet monster! The hit mobile game now for play on.


[Cut the rope game free download pc setup


The adorable monster that stars in Cut The Rope is called Om Nom and he can only have his mind set on one thing: sweets and more sweets. You’ll be in charge of getting hold of them for him, and to do so, you need to solve logic-based puzzles. Your mission will be to cut different ropes that, according to the laws of physics, will provide our cute monster with plenty of candies.

As you fulfil your objectives, you’ll be able to unveil hidden prizes and collect all sorts of rewards. But it won’t be at all easy because you’re going to have to face loads of challenges to give your character all the sweets and candies he wants. With a degree in History, and later, in Documentation, I have over a decade of experience testing and writing about apps: reviews, guides, articles, news, tricks, and more. How can you pull off such a task?

You must cut the ropes! Release the candy from its bindings, swing it from string to string, throw it in the air, and bring it straight to Om Nom. If you fail, then you must face the consequences of seeing his tear-jerking sad face. You would think feeding someone as adorable as Om Nom would be as simple as just putting a treat into his mouth, but nothing is ever as easy as that in Cut the Rope. Getting him that candy is always going to be an outrageous process.

You must move the treat by altering the environment, using gravity to your advantage, and utilizing the items scattered all over the world. Only then will you earn the affection of your pet. Feeding Om Nom and making him happy is the name of the game. Every level is assigned a grade based on stars. Every level is riddled with all sorts of hazards. They may not pose any threat to you or your new pet, but they will ensure that he goes hungry and becomes sad.

With Cut the Rope, you will find one of the most charming and original puzzle games to ever come out in recent years. There is a lot of fun and quirky physics-based gameplay to be had, the puzzles are challenging yet still intuitive, and the controls are highly immersive. Most of all, everything is wrapped up with whimsical cartoon visuals, and Om Nom is just too cute for anyone to resist! Take him with you on the mobile device of your choice and cut the ropes today!

What’s Free – Play game for 60 minutes. This game has no player ratings yet. More Reviews.

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