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Programmatic Advertising

We feel you should only pay for clicks, not impressions. Finding the correct person to run an ad on is our responsibility, not yours. It is our job to set up targeting and ads in front of the correct audience. 

Programmatic advertising is an advanced marketing strategy that uses an automated, real-time bidding process that purchases and inventories ads for you in a fraction of a second based on bids, allowing you to advertise to specific users in specific contexts, which results in hyper-targeted, super-effective ads. 

With programmatic advertising we can hyper-target ad placement compared to traditional paid ad sources. Most paid advertising platforms have only a few partner companies to run ads on. Our programmatic advertising eliminates that limitation – we can run across thousands of partner networks, allowing us to work leads from the top of a funnel down to the bottom. Data is integrated from partner companies in real time, and then fed back into the advertising platform (for example… if someone just purchased an F-150 we could run ads to them for custom floor mats for F-150s).  

Imagine… we start with a traditionally-displayed ad to someone viewing a product similar to or the same as yours. Next, we serve ads to them on YouTube, social media, and their TV streaming provider. Then, we keep retargeting them continuously after we know what product page most engaged them.



We provide our clients with a personalized client dashboard to track your digital advertising campaign, making it easy to track and view all your campaign data in a single place. With clean visuals and simple navigation, this unique tool combines data from all your campaigns in real time to provide a complete picture of your monthly performance, so you can better optimize your marketing campaigns and track details such as:

  • Conversion type
  • Device type
  • Interaction level
  • Conversion dates and times
  • Conversion IP address
  • Conversion referral pages