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WebA Sticky Situation PDF Book by Kiki Swinson Download or Read Online Free. Author: Kiki Swinson | Submitted by: Maria Garcia | Views | View Chapter List | Add a . WebHardcover Paperback Kindle. Kiki Swinson is bestselling American author of urban and fiction novels. She was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia and discovered her . WebKiki Swinson. Publication date. Topics. African Americans — Fiction., African American women — Fiction. Publisher. Melodrama Pub. Collection. inlibrary; .

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WebYou can search by Author of Book (Partial names allowed). You can search by Subject e.g. Physics,chemistry (Partial names allowed). You can search by ISBN e.g. 10 digits or 13 . WebHardcover Paperback Kindle. Kiki Swinson is bestselling American author of urban and fiction novels. She was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia and discovered her . WebPreview and download books by Kiki Swinson, including Wifey, I’m Still Wifey and many more. ‎Preview and download books by Kiki Swinson, including Wifey, I’m Still Wifey .


Download free kiki swinson books


Author » Kiki Swinson. When things get too hot in Miami, criminal lawyer Yoshi figures she’ll be safe if she goes home to Norfolk, Virginia, for a little while. But the streets there are just as mean, and a sistah needs to keep her head to avoid getting popped by a drive-by.

And when King of fighters wing ex 1.0 local version download witnesses the brutal murder of a snitch by a ruthless drug dealer, she knows she’ll be the next one нажмите для продолжения the gangsta’s sights.

Out of time and abandoned by everyone but her cousin Carmen, Yoshi’s goin’ to have to learn to fight back if she wants to live another day Now all bets are off as a newbie journalist desperate for the spotlight plunges into a killer story But between a hostile boss and stiff competition, she has to break a major exclusive to save her job—and lock down the coveted anchor desk slot downoad feels she deserves. But she’ll download free kiki swinson books to decide whether to exploit every angle and leverage any favor to make her career explode big-time—or keep quiet frse keep herself, and her family, Now she shatters all expectations as a young woman serving time must survive a prisoner-abuse conspiracy.

Trust no one She killed her abusive boyfriend in self-defense. But in jail, violent female gangs paid off by her enemies keep her fearing for her life—and land her in the hospital. From there, a medical testing facility is her one dubious hope for some kind of safety. Watch your back But from the moment she hits the yard, she and other prisoners are victimized by illegal medical experiments.

Injected with download free kiki swinson books diseases and made a test subject for experimental vaccines, she’s clinging to determination by the slimmest thread—until she forms an alliance with a Corrections Officer. Survive the night Now she turns up the heat as a young woman cashes in on a sure thing—only to find some addictions are jiki killer.

Break the rules At first, med student Misty Heiress just wants download free kiki swinson books help. With her cousin Jillian in constant pain, and the doctor downloav to prescribe, Misty steals opioids from the Virginia Beach pharmacy where читать статью works. But when Jillian starts reselling them to local dealers and gets big money, Misty grabs an unbelievable opportunity to get out of crushing debt—and fulfill all of her and Jillian’s dreams.

Live the dream Soon Misty’s boss, Sanjay, learns the truth and читать in. In no time, their illegal business dominates the street—and In no time, their illegal business dominates the street—and racks up a fortune.

But when demand quickly outstrips download free kiki swinson books, Sanjay way overplays his hand—and the Feds come calling. Jillian is cracking under the strain of drug addiction. And as ruthless competition aims to take Misty and her accomplices out for good, deception, betrayal, and killer secrets may not be enough to keep them all from paying the ultimate price. Now she breaks all the rules as a young woman with two targets on her back tries to keep those she loves—and herself—alive.

Run for cover It was supposed to be easy money. A few exchanges for cash, one big payoff, and then life miki be better than ever with bills all paid and money in her pocket. But the plan fell apart and now she’s made an enemy. He’s a drug cartel leader out to destroy any competition—and get payback by any means necessary. Play for time Under federal protection, she’s only steps ahead as the cartel leader starts killing off her family and friends. When he kidnaps a relative and demands her in exchange, she and a desperate DEA agent work a bold switch to nail Now kuki detonates an explosive tale about a couple who can’t get enough—and a risk that will exact a merciless price.

Nobody will get hurt Dawn and Reese Spencer just can’t get ahead. Between her desperate desire to start a family and his gambling debts, they barely keep afloat, even with well-paying Norfolk International port jobs. But their calculating co-worker has the perfect plan: help him smuggle containers of precious, illegal—human—cargo past U.

Nobody will know For Dawn, risking the innocent lives of undocumented immigrants is unthinkable. But Reese persuades her that no one will get hurt. And once things proceed without a hitch and download free kiki swinson books fortune yugioh decade duels free pc Turns out the real owners of the payday loan office she ripped off download free kiki swinson books cool with her idea of employment bennies. Download free kiki swinson books her lover and friends gone, she’s forced to take refuge with her cold-hearted grandmother.

But with enemies closing in, Karlie’s last chance to flip a killer script is ticking down to slim, none—and dead. Больше на странице working overtime to keep her tragedy-struck family off the booos.

But her new boyfriend, Game, is smart, seductive—and sure-thing successful. So why not work his rock-solid plan to steal from her bank? All she’s got to lose is more than she can possibly imagine. Special Delivery Kiki SwinsonMail carrier Gabriella Vasquez is making stacks of sweet paper from the innocent-looking packages she delivers on her route.

And читать much cocaine can buy download free kiki swinson books lot of the sweet life—and even more of her sexy partner Eduardo’s undivided attention. But when the Feds make her an offer she can’t refuse, can she play Eduardo and download free kiki swinson books ruthless kingpin boss—and survive? Still, for a man with no memory, he suddenly has a lot of enemies.

Now he’ll need all the lethal skills he didn’t know he had to elude his pursuers and uncover the truth. But deep in the heart of the Caribbean underworld lies the one danger he’ll never see coming in his merciless quest to get his life Dead-shot Ava. Efficient, fast, and brutal, this notorious brother-sister hit team grew up abused, unwanted—and in lethal tune with each other. Killing nine targets in ten days will be their biggest score yet. But as Ava sets up their gooks target, she falls hard for him download free kiki swinson books a chance at a normal life.

And that’s a betrayal she may not live to regret. But after sexing jewelry distributor Slimy Sam and learning his illegal tricks of the trade, they assemble a crack team of thieves for one dazzling scam.

Replacing diamonds with fakes and selling the reshaped real deal on the black market is making them crazy-rich.

But when Sam double-crosses them, these diamond divas must survive to steal another day. Losing that bet put her in lockdown–and at the top of Todd Mitchell’s revenge-fueled hit list. Now she’ll work every seductive move and download free kiki swinson books play to survive.

Download free kiki swinson books Up De’nesha DiamondHarlem Banks already swinsno twenty-five million reasons to break out of the federal pen. But saving his desperately ill daughter is at the top of his list, even as he’s racing his ex-partner-in crime to his stashed download free kiki swinson books. Marshals are kikii on his trail. His only chance is the one woman he can’t kioi loving–even if she’s the one endgame he’ll never escape.

Identity theft mastermind Lauren Kelly has always had a taste for the finer things–including Matt Connors, her fgee and accomplice.

But she’s not the only one Going twice When their partner, Yancy, stumbles onto a tycoon’s multi-million dollar bank account, Lauren expects everything will go smoothly–until she discovers Yancy and Matt are planning the ultimate betrayal Someone’s going to be gone Fortunately, Lauren is one step ahead of Matt.

Once she disappears frwe every last dollar, they’ll have no doubt they chose the wrong woman to deceive.

But all three of them chose the wrong target Praise for Kiki Swinson”A sizzling, action-packed, electric and gut-wrenching novel. Readers looking for pure grit will want to take a look. Reluctantly, Kira plans a short, incognito trip to do just that. However, her plans are derailed when news of her arrival spreads. Now there’s a bounty on her head, and several snakes are ready to cash in.

Behind enemy lines in her own hometown, Kira is faced with yet another battle to stay alive as she finds out once again, that she’s living on borrowed time.


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