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Download hoodwinked movie free


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You may see that. And that subscription is FREE also. I’ve been involved with some very slick looking films. However, no matter how good it looks, if it’s not a good story, it’s still a crappy film. Like the old saying goes: “you can polish a turd, but in the end all you’re gonna have is a shiny turd.

I can say from experience that the animation isn’t the greatest, the deformations aren’t the greatest and the general tech of the film isn’t the greatest. There have been many “prettier” films to hit the silver screen. After all, this movie was made on a shoe-string budget by CG standards. Having said that, I fell in love with this movie after five minutes. The characters are endearing, the humor was fantastic and there’s a level of originality and sophistication in the scriptwriting and storytelling that have not been seen before in the area of animation, not to mention a level of “cleanness” that is rare nowadays.

And, I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has this opinion Go see the film Hoodwinked is an ultra low budget affair compared to the average 3D CGI-animated film it was shot for a reported 15 million vs 70 to 90 million for films like Finding Nemo or Shrek 2.

If you want a fairer comparison in terms of animation quality, you’d have to look at something like Jimmy Neutron 30 million budget. What really made the animation work in terms of style is Hoodwinked almost looks like a revved up Rankin-Bass stop motion animated film in the vein of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Once you get absorbed in the world of Hoodwinked, you stop comparing it to Pixar and simply enjoy the magic little world the creators obviously put so much care into creating. Your kids will LOVE the squirrel, the granny, and the singing goat, and adults will pick up more culture references in terms of homage scenes not in adult content to pictures like Fletch, Kill Bill, and the Matrix. One thing comes across very clearly in Hoodwinked–love of the craft. So many seemingly throw away gags end up being very important to the story later on.

Enjoy this little gem of an “indie” animated film, and imagine what these young guys could do with a bigger budget next time around! A fun film–regardless of how it looks. I went to have fun and enjoy myself. On that score, Hoodwinked fully delivers. A brief glance at any trailer will tell you the animation is not the greatest, and I know some people have taken that to mean the movie itself is not worth seeing. However, that assessment is just wrong.

It’s a really funny movie, and when it comes down to it, isn’t that the point of a movie like this? Hoodwinked basically tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but as seen through the eyes of several different characters.

Not an original plot, by any means, but once you get into the story the quirkiness and eccentricities of the characters wrap you up so much you don’t care. Bottom line: If you want to have fun and see a good movie, check out Hoodwinked. If you want cutting edge technicality that may or may not reflect on the actual quality of the story and writing, go look elsewhere.

Very entertaining. Definitely worth seeing. I loved it, as did my wife and my two children ages 7 and 4. I think the PG rating is appropriate – I don’t think it’s quite a G, but neither did I have to give a whole lot of parental guidance.

I certainly have no qualms about having taken my kids. Very enjoyable for all ages. The animation was good, just not the best I’ve seen. And I think it’s FAR better to have a good story and a good script than to have eye-popping animation. We liked it enough that we will see it again in the theatres when it opens per my children’s insistence , and will buy it on DVD when it’s available.

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