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Download Smurfs’ Village For PC,Windows 7,8,10 & Laptop Full

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Smurfs’ Village for PC – Free Download | WindowsDen (Win 10/8/7)

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I am on level 50 and now my game won’t load A good game, a little too many side quests with Papa Smurf. But other than that it’s a great game. It was my favourite game ever back in After playing the game for several months, I discovered that my coins were low if I returned to it the following day. Yesterday I had either or coins, but when I returned today, I discovered that it was now Did the game spend your money on something that you didn’t understand?????

How the heck does the game work? If you want to call it “classic”, then this isn’t Although I have completed the bottle task on the island, I am unsure of what else I need to do. Did that make it easier to update the game? It is my favourite game, but I have a bug in my village. Also, I watched several ads but did not get any smurfberries. Please help me it kills my all motivation. This is a fantastic game, but it’s only 1 star.

It corrupted my cloud save so I can’t access any of my smudgy achievements. I need to redo all bridges and stairs in my other areas. Although the theme is enjoyable, it’s ruined by excessive miceotransactions. You will soon find it difficult to advance unless you spend a lot of premium currency. Many buildings can only be purchased using premium currency. Even more are not possible to purchase using IRL cash. It’s not an insignificant amount. It gets even worse when you consider the fact that this game targets children.

This game exploits children for money. This game is my favorite! The new Smurfettes Ballon game is also great.

However, the Odd Job Smurf task is not enough to give me my rewards for 7 mini-games. The story board for the smurfs is plagued by static glitches. I hope you guys will see the problem and fix it!

It’s a great game but it gets repetitive very quickly. I really wish they could make the village more interesting and have other characters.

Thank you. It started off great, but it kept requiring you to place expensive items that do nothing. They take up space, they require so many resources and have multiple stages. This is perhaps how they make you buy things, but it makes the game less interesting. This game has been a favorite of mine since childhood.

This game is so much fun. I never tire of the smurfs village. It’s a great game, but it keeps telling me that I must update in order to send gift cards. There isn’t an update. That needs to be fixed. Growing up, I was fascinated by the Smurfs. Now I can create my village and connect with my childhood heroes. Amazing game. It is considered to be one of the most popular mobile games ever made, and it has been my favorite game for many years.

This is the original farming game. The original farming game. Airline Commander – A real flight experience. Help the Smurfs rebuild their village. Smurfs’ Village for PC Screenshots.

Please help me it kills my all motivation This is a fantastic game, but it’s only 1 star. It’s the perfect game for me, and I have many other minigames. I give it five stars! Amazing game It is considered to be one of the most popular mobile games ever made, and it has been my favorite game for many years.



The smurfs village game free download for pc.Download Smurfs’ Village on PC With GameLoop Emulator


The Saturday cartoon classic returns. Help the Smurfs rebuild their village. Does anyone have any information on this crashing problem? The game has been down for over a week. The game shuts down within seconds of opening. The update did nothing. It’s not fair to me to need to delete the game and then reinstall it.

I will lose my entire progress. Perhaps it’s possible to allow people to save their progress so that if something happens they don’t have to reinstall the game. My save corruption was solved! I could not be happier. My items and wonders were all returned and I don’t have to start again. This game is great, however it still suffers from bugs and crashes that make the game unplayable or impossible to play. I am referring to the issue with items being replaced by black boxes.

This can only be corrected by restarting. This game is my favorite! It has started to glitch a lot lately. It stalls when I try to play mini games, and then it mess up my game. It will take me from one end of the village to another, which can be very frustrating. This must be fixed! It has been going for several weeks. We are grateful for the fix to another glitch. Each stage is exciting and fun! Only thing that 8 would alter is how many stages are required to construct something.

If you have a small collection of items and need pieces in one step, the next step. This should be one step. Or they can change where they gather more materials to continue building.

Sorry, I don’t want to spend money on more items. A great game that was broken down by monetization strategies. This game was a favorite of mine from to When I tried to start the game again on my new phone, I was shocked at how intrusive and intrusive it is.

You can now see buttons that take you to thinly disguised requests for money. Random pop-ups appear asking for money. To make an advertisement, you will need to create a theater to show an ad. Although I get that free games need to be monetized somehow, this seems excessive.

It is truly amazing! It is a great coping tool for stress and anxiety. This game has been with me almost since its inception. This includes the many companies who have used this game. My current journey with solving an issue. Even in difficult times and when things are not going as planned, they do their best to help. These delays don’t negate the fun and enjoyment of the game.

This game has been my favorite for many years. This is easily fixed by uninstalling, reinstalling the program and loading the last saved game. Although I do lose some progress, it isn’t a big deal. I save at least one hour per hour so I don’t mind. It’s a lot of fun to build my towns and play the mini-games.

Although I enjoy the game, I hate how you must use resources to make everything. This really affects the appearance of my villages, and it is impossible to find enough resources.

It would be great if it was back the way it used to be. This is why I am slowly losing interest and I don’t like the way my villages look. I hope you’ll try to modify or change this. This was a fun game that I enjoyed for quite a while. Like most games that involve building, it eventually becomes expensive to continue. Once you reach level 25, you can start building different items. The resources required to build these things cost money, unless you are willing to spend years collecting them.

This is no longer a way to have fun, it’s a money grab. It is not worth my time to spend money on a phone game. This game is great, but I wish it was faster to obtain the materials for making things. It would be great if there were a quicker way to grow multiple crops than clicking on each plot. The app is great, other than that.

I made a 4. Growing up with the Smurfs, I was thrilled to be part of their village. It’s overwhelming to see how many in-app purchases there are now. However, this allows you to personalize your village. Building the Wonders is the thing that I dislike the most. To complete the Wonders, you need to collect a lot of Stone, Wood and Dye. Or, you have to purchase ur resourc. Correct the errors and bugs.

Instead of trying to make it profitable, make it playable. Everything became more costly. Everything costs money. There are not enough resources to go around and you don’t have the money.

Even if your game is saved, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the money back. Stop forcing wonders in quests. This game works fine on any apple device. The game is fine if you are using an apple device.

Now since last update, menu, digs, rafts, crops all freeze when accessing, have to close out and relaunch, every Everything was going well until the 5th stage of my building project. It was a disaster. Now, every time I see my city it appears like a trash pile.

They expect it to be fun and something. That would work for 1 or 2 buildings or occasionally, but it’s not enough. The last month has been a miserable one.

Each update has a bug. It takes mths 4 to get enough xp for the next level. For a while, I’ve been playing. This used to be my favourite game. I’ve spent real money on it. It takes me days to get an update. Although I have tons resources, every update increases the cost of those resources. Although I am at the highest level, it has been months since I reached 2 of my next level.

It’s not something I do a lot of. It’s just too sad that the goals never get higher. Run the emulator software and open Google play store to install Smurfs’ Village Now, you will be able to setup and run Smurfs’ Village on your Computer via the emulator.


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