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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl takes on a new look and interface. A definite improvement in its visual appearance. The upper screen is where the 3rd person view of the field map where all the action takes place and the bottom screen displays the poketech, where time, player status, and other information can be viewed.

Click on groups of like-colored blocks to. Pearl and Diamond are set in the fictional world of Sinnoh region which is characterized by its snow-covered routes and waterways and where different species of Pokemon live. Pearl and Diamond contains eight Gyms where players get rewarded with Gym badges by Gym Leaders which help in advancement of the game plot.

The player also has to thwart the plans of a criminal organization called as Team Galactic who wants to disrupt Sinnoh by reorganizing it into a utopia. Pokemon can also be wirelessly uploaded to some Wii games from Pearl and Diamond. The Nintendo DS is the perfect vehicle for adding dozens of new pocket monsters and creating the biggest Pokemon Region so far. The total Pokemon count is now at since there were pocket monsters added to the game. Some of the Pokemon characters look slightly familiar because Game Freak made them more powerful via evolution.

This is a welcome addition since seeing the same characters from one game to the next can be boring. In this game, you will play in the Sinnoh region, the largest of its kind in the Pokemon world so far; its area is larger than Hoenn, which was the biggest region before. Sinnoh also looks fantastic, thanks partly to the cool three-dimensional effect on the buildings and cities, which added to the appeal of its huge size. Many new elements, such as the Time of Day, muddy areas, and snow areas, were also introduced in the game, all of which added to the replay value via visual attraction to the game.

Other notable new elements also included touchscreen mechanics, which is available on every game on Nintendo DS, as well as battles and trades on the local level with your friends on the Internet.

You also have the opportunity to give yourself a name as well as give your rival trainer a name; your rival lives in Twinleaf Town, a small village. You start the game by watching a television show regarding the efforts of a group of people in catching a Red Gyarados, a pocket monster and the first of hundreds that you have to capture and train. After watching the show, you will receive instructions to search for the Pokemon although this task will not be as important as the others later on.

You and Rival make your way to the lake and, along the way, he tells you about the search for the Red Gyarados. You walk near the short grass area on the lakeshore but you are soon attacked by two wild Starlys. Fortunately, the old man left behind a suitcase containing three pocket monsters inside. You can choose one of the three Pokemon characters, namely, Chimchar, Piplup, and Turtwig, as your starter Pokemon.

You will find that no matter which of the three Pokemon characters you chose, your rival will always take the Pokemon with an advantage over your own pocket monster. After beating Starly, you will discover that the old man was actually Professor Rowan who, in turn, informs you that you and Rival can keep your respective pocket monsters. Afterwards, you can begin on your Adventure including battling the eight Gym Leaders and defeating the Elite Four.

Your ultimate goal: To become the Pokemon Champion. But the game also has its challenges, such as battling it out with Team Galactic, an evil group that pursued the Red Gyarados and that wanted to take over Sinnoh. On the Security tab, click the Trusted Sites icon. Click Sites and then add these website addresses one at a time to the list: You can only add one. This download is meant for a newer adapter, however, the tool may be able.

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