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The first exam for Yuuichirou, Misaki Gorou, attempts to overcome the problem and only sadly fails. Netto offers to try with Rockman, but his father refuses that. Some NetNavis have speed, others have power, and Protoman has both.

His unique power is a sharp sword, his best friend, who is clever. Protoman is considered the most skilled NetNavi of all time with his same, well-headed and somewhat arrogant NetOp Chaud. Netto is a businessman who earns a lot from his father. In Axess he joins the Net Saviors, protectors of the peace in the net, and the ability to carry the Cross-Confusion with the real world.

Enzan is the founder and operator of the net navi blues. Both of them have very strong and talented fighters, and Enzan is the mainstay of the prodigy netbattler with hundreds of undefeated matches. As the series progresses, Enzan is spreading word and reaching out to Netto and his friends.

Sooner, we actually get to see that boy start to smile. Enzan lost his mother very young. Having never known a true childhood, we can see from where Enzan came from. Laserman is the netNavi of Dr. Regal, who is currently the second leader of the Darkloids after overthrowing her previous leader, Shademan and has a major antagonist within the second half of the Blackman. She uses NeedleMan. EXE to create problems and easily disguise herself as Mariko Ozono, with the only difference being the lipstick and hair bun.

She often appears in a new novel, but I only wanted her to play with the other main characters because both Masa and Higure do not think that they were all interested in arousing affection of this poor woman.

Mariko became a very important character in the Axess series, since we learned we have a twin-sister named Yuriko. In , Mariko and Yuriko were separated by a devastating incident which led them along several very different paths. While Mariko became a loving school teacher, Yuriko entered the dark group of Nebula. As the episodes of the series progress, Rockman becomes often the prime target of the World 3 omissions and Navis.

As the series advances, Rockman begins to change many styles. Despite all their troubles with Dr. Wily or another evil, Rockman and Netto remain most of their friends.

Both the games and the manga tell us the real identity of Rockman. Meiru is the operator of Roll and a good friend. She uses these to attack her foes, but it was shown that she can make a connection with the programs and get them done as well in the net.

Roll is really a strong fighter and his attacks reflect his cute style. She has the ability to bring virus foes to her side with a little love, and she has the ability to turn them around. His antennas can do a great job of making it a bit difficult. Roll, evidently, is very affectionate towards Rockman and often becomes extremely jealous if other women interfere.

He is going to work everything in his best to protect him in battle. Often, he is less of a distraction than a help. Meiru is the cab of the cute Net Navi called Roll and is a great friend of the web. Meiru is very serious about school, and takes time to practice the piano. Usually where Netto is, Meiru is usually followed.

Anetta is a young girl who is physically handicapped by the physical injury. Her net navi, Silk, helped her through the long journey of life by offering courage and love.

The worst nightmare took place when anetta started a fire in her hospital. The navi was deleted while trying to rescue her. Anetta, who is stubborn with a naive, but gentle nature, is able to leave Nebula behind, especially if she learns about Silk. Nobody ever thought that there could be a net navi cuter than Iceman. The whole experience proved ill. Even Iceman himself comments on how cute Aquaman is! This net navi belongs to the young girl Shuuko, and you can just start crying.

She has an airplane, car and a large mansion to boot. Although she is also ashamed of her competitor IPC, who is run by Enzan, she realizes that she has a crush on the poor boy. When Anetta moves to the series, she is in competition with his affections. Nevertheless, Yaito is still the first to ever talk Enzan laugh, which has to mean at least a little bit.

Bubbleman is the navi of the Dark Lord and is commanded by Shademan. As they say many times, Bubbleman, rather than real threat is an indisposibility, in which he always fails and is usually often oblivious. Bubbleman has no operator, like many other Dark Lords. A very sexy relationship is he has, for us, very loyal to Shademan. Even if he finally encourages Rockman, he still proclaims himself a Dark Lord. Burnerman is a navi of a Dark Loid population, under the command of Shademan.

EXE 4. He has many accessible flames on his body, making him a thief. Coldman is a Darkloid who presumably lost his operator from the games. Even without a power boost, Desertman proved to be a threatening foe. The first battle with Netto was over. Meijin seems to be the one who invented Heatman. If you are wearing a big white coat and your eyewear looks a bit fancy, then this person can have a fantastic ability to create some of the most powerful navis of all time.

As soon as he finishes the second season, Meijin joins the science labs to study with his father, Yuuichirou Hikari. Meijin has a lot of fun and funny matters about him. First off, he refuses to have the name that ends by the name of its founder, so Netto always forgets it. The -san is a symbol of respect for someone older than you are. In Axess learned that Meijin is a keen collector of little toys, too.

Look up to Meijin to the mouth of the new toys in a box in the store, then dwindling from the mouth with Netto. These two science geeks look pretty perfect for each other. Bass had no experience of his previous life as a Pharaohman until he abducted Megaman and redeemed his memories. He learned and became a true self. Bass tried to drink the data of Gospel Grave in English anime , for the two had a different origin, to take a whole and then consumed him.

He left, vowing revenge against the whole world. Slur easily defeated him and then imprisoned in the UnderNet, and ended up losing his way of transportation through the human world. In Rock Man. Regal and is brainwashed for the Tadashi Hikari program, and he fights with Megaman and Colonel.

After that, bass wanted to buy Regal an excessive amount of money, even if he felt like a pawn. The resulting BassCross eliminated Nebula Grey, but Regal summoned a black hole in the last ditch effort to destroy the Navis with himself. Bass lost control of the Megaman.

While he got so involved, he took up the power of Nebula Grey. What proved vital for his rematch with Slur was his flurry of power. The table had turned and he wiped her, impaling her through the chest and suffocating her. She has vanished. The actual whereabouts are not known. Manga In the manga, Bass appeared in the second volume in the volume 3 when Megaman and Protoman studied the underNet.

To a similar height as his opponent, he was in the past face of Serenade, and he was determined to gain the same power as his opponent on the other day.

In spite of being constantly in conflict with Megaman and Protoman, Bass would eventually be taken away by Dark Megaman Dark Rockman and Laserman, who had the intention of the Dark Kingdom to transform the world into the Dark Kingdom.

Bass started fighting Nebula Grey in the first place a year before drawing from the dark power of Nebula Grey. Bass aimed towards Nebula Grey, but without avail, and he fell in love with Megaman, to create a Megaman that went into effect in large proportion.

He went into the underground during a fight to see who would be able to make the legendary program to defeat Gregar. After the thyrofole merged slowly and permanently deleting the real world, Bass finally assisted MegaMan and gave him all the power he needed to defeat the Ceyberbeast when Serenade backed the team to defeat. If you are talking about the anime and the game, bass is perceived as having deeper rivalry and friendships with MegaMan.

Gutsman is one of the Navis who have been built in the original game. He is still still the same design as his old one. He can obliterate a metal when he pounds the ground and hit heavy.

He is so dumb that, when someone grows up, it becomes more indecisive. Ever seen the giant robot blush? Gutsman has a huge crush on Roll, while Dekao has a huge crush on Meiru.



Rockman.exe axess download episodes. Megaman NT Warrior Axess English Dub


The comet is burning in the sky, as its bright light shines around the earth. At that time, giant viruses invaded the real world, which had everything left to be thrown into their tracks.

Netto and Enzan use cross fusion to intervene, but they are sucked to an unknown location, only to confront the culprit — Duo! Some NetNavis have speed, others power, but Protoman does both. His special power is expert swordsmanship. In Axess, he is in communion with the Net sinnes, guarded of the peace in the net, and can perform a cross-fusion Sign and Navi in real-life.

They both have high skills and are powerful fighters. Enzan is the official name for himself with thousands of non-feated matches. As the series continues, Enzan has increasingly become acquainted with Netto and his friends. Sooner or later, we even see this boy start smiling in the morning. Enzan always loses his series attitude and is always the first to think at level.

He balances the rash Netto right when they are in the battle together. Enzan lost his mother very youngly. Rockman is a Netto user and a dedicated friend. As the episodes progress, Rockman becomes often the prime targets of the World 3 evil operators and the bravest of the world.

As the series progresses, Rockman gets a lot of different styles changed. Even though they have all of their troubles with Dr. Wily or other evil, Rockman and Netto are always the best of friends. The real name of Rockman is in the games and in the manga. His father used his DNA to create a unique mobile phone model. Meiru has great focus on his school, and he is very serious about the art and is able to practice the piano too. Usually where Netto is, Meiru is usually follow.

Romeda is a rich man and is striving to make her own name in the business. So, Slur grants on her Starman to make all of her wishes come true. Starman, in spite of the terrible nature of his evil nature, turns this desire into an even worse reality. Since he threatens to bomb the whole Earth with meteors, the Netto and Meiru have to slander him.

Romeda is left alone to make her predictions happen. Nobody thought there could be a navi cuttinger than Iceman. We proved wrong, then flawlessly.

Even Iceman himself says it is scarily adorable that Aquaman is. As for this net navi, it belongs to the young girl Shuuko. She has all her own cars and airplanes, but with a huge house to boot her own. In Axess, she faces a challenge, given her acceptance to the series.

Nevertheless, Yaito is still the first to smile in Enzan, which could mean a little bit. While he worked in the Forces, he achieved victory in a battle against unsurmountable odds. Blizzardman is an antagonist of the Rockman. EXE Stream. Bubbleman is a Dark Lord warrior, and is managed by Shademan. Even more often than not, Bubbleman poses as a threat, rather than a threat, as he rarely fails to complete his missions. Unlike many of the Dark Lords, Bubbleman does not have an operator.

Even though he was very loyal to Shademan, he had a somewhat bizarre relationship with him. Even when he finally befriends Rockman, he still proclaims a dark Lord. Cosmoman is an antagonist to Rockman. A Dark Rockman. In the end of the series, Dr. While working, Dark Rockman is defeated by his opponent in combat. Since that time he resides in the region of Jawai, where he attempts to earn a living through making totem poles out of wood blocks.

His desire to try to serve himself into Maha Miriban, where Netto is tasting the latest curry curry. When the boys meet, a confrontation begins. But if they become involved in an evil plot, spawned by Narcy Hide, they set aside their differences and fight as a team. The result is a long-term friendship between humans and navis.

Dingo owns Tomahawkman very sane, Rockman-like navis. Dingo eventually joins Dekao as an employee at the shitta, formerly operated by the old World 3 — still is working in India. He tends to lose weight when he makes deliveries. He is trying to keep up with his tomahawk for looking at the manner. Dingo and Tomahawkman remain stable characters until the end of the EXE series. Lord Wily, also known as simply Wily, or Dr. Wily, a scientist who is in the Mega Man battle network and a scientist on the planet 3.

Wily has fathered children multiple times in the duration. In the anime, he is his adoptive father and Dr. Wily is an extremely dedicated villain with his classic trilogy counterpart. She is driven by indefensibility, greed and rage by her lack of victory in defeating MegaMan and indirectly Dr. Hikari, whom he hates. This insanity seems to become more violent with time, his plots becoming more haphazard and his desire to preserve the human dignity continue to be disloyal.

Despite being too stubborn, he could retake the storm and start taking a stand again. Since he was capable of committing great crimes against humanity and evil, Lord Wily showed a lot of humanities in this incarnation and in his wretchedness as a reason to reason that he is today.

He would probably close friends to him if he left him in his care. It would likely be interesting to ask if he was willing to dissuade his rival. Yet that later, he would only do nothing but direct his jealousy at his adversary. Wily appears to be taking over his former life at the end of the Mega Man Battle Network.

He cooperates with the authorities after the Cybeast incident, and sends a letter of thanks to the man who explained his mistakes. Meijin appears to be an expert on net navis, besides being he that created Heatman.

This person is capable of producing the most powerful navis ever. After the conclusion of Season 2 we are to get together. Meijin has a few really fun and neat questions about him. First off, he refuses to keep his name in place and Netto never forgets that. The -san is a gesture of respect for someone older than you.

We learn in Axess that Meijin is a very profound and dedicated collector of little toys. In this case, I see a mini-car collection. Seeing Meijin foaming and sleeping on the nose next to Netto is in a box of mystical new toys. Both scientists seem to be perfectly for each other.

His name is Masakazu Eguchi. Bass had no memory of his current life as a Pharaohman until he kidnapped Megaman and read his memories, learning his origins and awakening his true self. Bass tried to consume the Gospel data, for which the two shared the same origin and became whole, only to consume him. He left, vowing revenge on the world. He reappeared as a robot in Axess, and tried to launch the ultimate software of MegaMan and ProtoMan at the beginning of Stream. He quickly escaped the slavery of Slur and locked himself up in the undernet, and went to the world through the human world in the process.

In the series Rock Man. By rewaking to normal, Bass wanted to make Regal pay for the disgusting act of a man using him as a pawn, even if it meant to siding with Mega Man. The second defeat of the asylvania, the Second Death of Nebula — but Regal summoned a black hole in the last ditch effort to destroy the Navis with himself.

The table turned and he deleted her, immobilizing her to the chest and suffocating her. He was gone and his actual location is unknown. Unlike the player he played with washed by Serenade in the past, and was resolute to do the same thing one day. Bass used to attack Nebula Grey, but remained to be true and helped him fuse with Megaman to create a Lowkey megaman.

He made his way to the underground while he fought to see who could earn the legendary program to defeat Gregar. After the Cyberbeast merged and gradually deleting the real world, Bass eventually assisted Megaman and gave him all his money to beat the Ceyberbeast with encouragement from Serenade.

In comparison to the anime and the game, Bass is known for his much higher rivalry and friendship. His ability, however, is quite impressive when Yaito uses rare chips to make his power rivals can meet the other two.

Gutsman is one of the Navis from the original games that resembles his old design.


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