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Windows media center stuck downloading tv setup data

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Windows media center stuck downloading tv setup data.TheGreenButton – Windows Media Center Forums

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Post by rz » Tue Dec 31, pm. Post by n » Tue Dec 31, pm. Post by joelkirzner » Tue Dec 31, pm. Post by garyan2 » Tue Dec 31, pm. I assume the setup is trying to contact MS, which I’m sure is not up at this point. Is there адрес страницы way to force setup through this step? MS Servers are still up. I just tried to update the guide, but it redownloads the same old guide data expiring today. Event Viewer is still showing the download as normal and successful.

It could be my firewall, I am not sure. I haven’t updated my Win7 for few months. So it might be on your end, try the windows media center stuck downloading tv setup data again, and let us know how long it was stuck at “Downloading TV Setup Data”. Edit: It looks like the “No Internet Connection” Вам tony hawk underground 2 pc download iso моему is caused by a now dead link to the Guide terms of service. Here is windows media center stuck downloading tv setup data error description from Event Viewer: Exception Microsoft.

The remote server returned an error: Not Found. This is what I did to get it to work: 1. Disable the Windows Firewall not sure if it matters, but someone else suggested it 2. Download EPG and install. Reboot PC 4. Run the EPG Client setup 5. When it opens up the Live TV setup, proceed as normal until you get to the zip code entry 6.

Disable your LAN while on the zip code entry 7. Enter for the zip and proceed 8. Do not agree to the guide listings and proceed 9. Now, the dreaded TV Setup Data download page With the PC посетить страницу to shut down, you will get a warning from EPG about exiting without completing.

While that’s happening, WMC may magically complete the download process. You can now proceed to setup your cablecard and get back into the Windows media center stuck downloading tv setup data install process. Obviously, this is a bit wonky, смотрите подробнее it’s the нажмите чтобы увидеть больше way I was able to get past the TV Setup Data download page. And this happened on multiple PCs yesterday. Take a look at this thread.

There are 2 possible workarounds when this occurs. Hopefully, tomorrow MS will push something that will eliminate this possibility in the future. All good, and thanks garyan2 for the software! This website is not affiliated with Microsoft.



Downloading TV Setup Data | Your Nearest Bar – Continue Reading


Incidentally and hopefully unrelated – Avermedia card has always despite latest Avermedia drivers goes offline and requires a reboot to come back. Always back on reboot. The Avermedia software runs the TV so the card does work.

But after some in and outs and general operation of the computer the card goes offline. Interestingly very occassionally after a reboot one needs to run the Avermedia TV program to get the card “working” – i. Horrid behaviour. Experts Exchange is like having an extremely knowledgeable team sitting and waiting for your call. Couldn’t do my job half as well as I do without it! Sorry for the delay in responding I did not receive the usual EE email saying that you had posted a comment I just happened to notice your comment when accidentally visiting the tab in my browser.

Anyway, yes, that’s horrid behavior! Overall, I really dislike WMC. I had high hopes when Google acquired SageTV, but that was more than two years ago and nothing has come from the acquisition. Now there’s even talk of killing GoogleTV, not that there’s much to kill. I also had hopes that Beyond TV would continue development, but I think the last release of that was three years ago.

OK, jumping off my soapbox now. Thanks for that information. Still no response from Big Screen Global despite 2 emails. I have pretty well Googled the issue to death and found a few other ideas but none worked.

Well there is one left – reinstall Windows. Log in or sign up to see answer. Members can start a 7-Day Free trial then enjoy unlimited access to the platform.

Sign up – Free for 7 days. We get it – no one likes a content blocker. Take one extra minute and find out why we block content. See how we’re fighting big data. Not exactly the question you had in mind? Sign up for an EE membership and get your own personalized solution. With an EE membership, you can ask unlimited troubleshooting, research, or opinion questions.

What exactly did you VPN to? In any case, that’s great news! I was very happy to try to help you during the troubleshooting process. Just a commercial service that would give me a San Francisco IP address. Even though I configured for Australia as the region.

And thanks for all your ideas too. Thanks for the explanation You’re welcome Experts Exchange has a saved my job multiple times, b saved me hours, days, and even weeks of work, and often c makes me look like a superhero! Language and region set to Australia.

And Big Screen Global never responded either. Let us know how it goes. I would have suggested booting into safe mode and running epgClient. Once you boot back into normal mode, try TV Setup again. The instructions in his link worked! TV setup in WMC went much faster. Guess it’s too much to expect a 10 year old OS to uninstall all relevant files for a clean start. I just want to share, that I recently had a similar issue and found a resolution. Well, truth be told, first I had a WMC was not downloading guide issue.

And when I went to schedule a new recording, either on echo extender, or via desktop, WMC would close. Apparently mcupdate. I thought I would share if suddenly anyone else starts having guide stop downloading or WMC crashing when trying to schedule a recording.

The most frustrating thing was, there was no log or event, it would just hang Was up til 3am a few days ago trying to get this to work. Tried many things and nothing worked. I went to bed with the idea that something was seriously wrong and I wasn’t going to get this going. FM doesn’t stand for frequency modulation. It began asking a series of setup questions which I clicked on through and then whoa. Channel 2 began to play. That was the only channel but that was a lot farther than I had gotten before I went to bed.

I waited a half hour or so and then decided it couldn’t take that long and kept trying other stuff. And maybe when I went to bed I left it at the prompt and it kept doing whatever WMC does in these situations until it decided it had had enough fun and it would move on?

Maybe something I did in all the random clicking and cursing fixed something? I don’t know but once I got past the initial problem all has been good.

My wife blames me for all technological problems and I was feeling some problems in that area so thank you EPG


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